29 juni 2012

Weekend in black & White

Had some time to pass today. So I went to the marina for some boating pics.
This is one of them,
I also learned that the dog in the family dosen't like being close to water, without being allowed into the water... 
She had a date with the vet later on and I'm quite sure that he wants his clientel non wet.

Weekend in black and white
PBC - Boats

6 kommentarer:

  1. Distinct lines and segmented tones in this photo create quite a drama! Great perspective!

    Just letting you know that your link to this post does not work. I found you via one of your other links 2 weeks ago!

  2. A great post! Lovely to see in b&W!
    Have a nice day!

  3. Fixed your link :)

    Fine shot of the old boat. It must have been hard to get such a clear shot while hanging onto an eager dog - I know how difficult that can be!

  4. Oops - just realised I needn't have bothered!

  5. I would love to touch that poat, smell it and just be closse to it ... makes mye heart pound. A fine picture, well composed. Best wishes!