10 december 2012

My Cup of Tea: NF Inspiring Photography

I just read that this meme is slightly changed. If one chooses to, it could be more about light or the lack of light.
That's inspiring and difficult. But it's supposed to be, right? To learn is to work hard. And it's always hard and maybe even booring in the beginning. We're supposed to take it from hard to easy and from boring to fun. When it's fun and boring, well then you know it and you have to advance! Right?! That's what learning is about...
I know, a lot of mumbo-jumbo. Just ignore it. I have to pep talk myself into harder stuff. I'm not that good at the hard-tiresom stage of learning! :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Att fånga ljuset är en konst och det går mycket bättre med en kopp tee.

  2. Okay, now I have to go make a cup of tea for myself... Don't you hate it when these suggestions get you? It is a lovely shot, though!!
    Talking about learning, I have a photo in my mind, and I am having to learn several things in order to get it onto the computer. Hopefully, I have the last bit of the puzzle now...

  3. I could have used it earlier today. It was freezing cold. :)