1 augusti 2011

My World: Exploring

My world, that I discovered:

Went for a walk and turned left instead of right, as I usually do.
This simple thing showed me a completely different area.
Not the usual suburb, with houses, schools and shops.
No, it felt like I was in an other timezone 
and in the countryside!

Perhaps an old factory?
I like old fences, that has become grey with age.
Secretive paths...

Look at this entrence!

4 kommentarer:

  1. That was a nice surprise.
    Lovely to see those nooks and crannies that enchanted you.

  2. What a nice surprise to find so many interesting sights to photograph on your deviation from your normal route!

  3. fun to take another turn on the path for a change

  4. I was wondering what was down the path, in the first photo, and then I moved to the second, and it is simply enchanting! That house with the window box and the hollyhocks! I could stare at that forever!
    I have bookmarked your page, so I can come back!!!