1 augusti 2011

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday *Click*

A photo taken when I was on my way for an appointment...
It's not always good to bring ones camera along, everywhere.
At least not when it soo fun too use it and so easy to forget that booked time.. *hmm* 

12 kommentarer:

  1. I know the feeling of taking detours to get photos! But it's good to notice beauty around you! Lovely shot!

  2. Hope you made it on time. The last time I had a medical app’t I took my camera but waited until it was over to start playing. Such a pretty shot. Love the red. Genie

  3. I never go anywhere without my camera. :)
    Are these delicate little blooms poppies?
    Very pretty!

  4. Terrific Ruby Tuesday shot!! :)

  5. Who can ignore a poppy?


    For red my affection is great,
    It’s puce and chartreuse that I hate.
    I’m fond of cerise,
    It makes a nice piece
    Of clothing that looks just first-rate.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Lost Red Spoon

  6. Wow that is very dainty flower. It is indeed worth it to bring your camera along with yah ^_^ Thanks for the visit!

    Blue Monday

  7. Simple and beautiful!

  8. Wonderful photo ~ Love it when the Muse has no concern for time.

    New to Ruby Tuesday ~ do hope you will come visit my blogs (Share the Creative Journey and A Creative Harbor ) Thanks, Carol ^_^

  9. I agree. Bringing ones camera makes the world look so much interesting. I bet you'd hardly remembered this beautiful flower if not for the picture.
    Photography makes ones life richer and so much more interesting.